About Us

Welcome to myVTalk, a cloud based online testing and interviewing tool, designed to help companies revolutionize the way they select talent. When we started our journey in HR consulting, we started asking ourselves questions...........how could we help our clients accomplish their objective of hiring talent in efficient, simpler and fastest possible manner? How could we offer superior insights into the candidate’s profile to ensure better hiring decisions? Can we address the “logistical nightmares” while scheduling the interviews due to the unavailability of hiring managers and candidates? How can we trade in interviewer’s gut instincts for a systematic approach to interviewing, testing, and evaluating candidates and create a consistent and standardized experience for all the stakeholders?

We as a bunch of HR Professionals having in-depth understanding of the HR function across various industries started pondering over these questions......and there came myVTalk – a new “Selection” process set to revolutionize hiring.As we gained experience basis our interactions with hundreds of candidates, interviewers and recruiters we realized that conventional job interviews won’t work anymore! The ‘Hiring Process’ of today has severe bottlenecks, which are time consuming in nature, increase costs and there is a low probability that the selected candidate, even after completing the entire process, will be a right fit for the organization. Today’s Hiring Process requires a lot of flexibility around time, far more additional insights into the credentials of the candidate and not just looking at the CV and how optically the candidate presents himself in an interview. myVTalk is set to offer a complete solution offering better candidate insights using virtual technology integrated with industry research. myVTalk is developed using the best state of the art technology. A vibrant team of experienced technologists have been able to distil their global IT experience to develop this path-breaking solution.

myVTalk is a subsidiary of Talent HR Networks Pvt. Ltd. an HR Consulting firm based in Mumbai.

Once again, welcome to the future. We are confident that together we can help shape it!

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